Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pomegranate Health Benefits – How Important Are Antioxidants In Your Diet

The pomegranate fruit has been talked about all over the world in recent times. The fruit has shot its way onto most supermarket shelves in some form or another.


I personally think that it is the fruits high levels of antioxidants that give it the most appeal. There has been major talk over the last decade about the benefits of antioxidants for the body but it was only really blueberries or green tea that was mentioned. Now it has been found that pomegranates contain almost three times the level of antioxidants than most other foods and fruits.

Everyone in the western world will know or have heard about antioxidants and there importance. There are different kinds of antioxidant, some types can can help to fight cancer and other types help the body remain healthy by helping the body get rid of bacteria. Free radicals in the body can attack and damage healthy cells, antioxidants on the other hand help the body to fight against free radicals. These free radicals are a nuisance as they can destroy cells by destroying a healthy cells DNA. This renders the cells useless and in some instances these dead cells can turn cancerous over time.

There is lots of different products and supplements on the markets today that will provide you with antioxidants. But we all know that the best way to get or needed vitamins and nutrients is actually from fresh natural foods and fruits. So why pay for these sometimes expensive supplements when you can get a great boost of antioxidants from pomegranates. They can help you to fight flu’s and diseases, high blood pressure and even erectile dysfunction. Antioxidants are very important for your health and there is no doubt about that fact, the medical industry has been stating this issue for a number of years.

So will the pomegranate fruit be something that you can take seriously. We know that they have very high levels of antioxidants so why not add them to your shopping list. Most good super markets now will stock pomegranate juices, smoothies or even jams so there is no excuse for not trying the fruit in some capacity. But again the fruit is better eaten raw as you will get the full health benefits, vitamins and taste from the fruit. Try it for yourself for a few months and see if you can feel the difference and if you feel healthier for eating the fruit.

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