Friday, September 24, 2010

Minum jus Delima untuk kesihatan anda

The benefits of pomegranate juice.I hope you drink more pomegranate juice after reading this.

I eat all kinds of fruits for my health.But I like eating sourish ones particularly.Fruits are good vitamin source, especially the source of vitamin C.Unlike all other vitamins,vitamin C can be obtained from outside the body by fruits.Pomegranate is not only a source of vitamin C but there are other benefits of it for our health.Pomegranate also includes vitamin B,potassium,pantothenic acid and antioxidant polyphenols.Most of the people consume it in the form of juice.

After reading this article,I am sure that you consume much pomegranate juice because you have learnt such benefits. This is the list of benefits of pomegranate juice.

* Since pomegranate contains tannins,polyphenols and anthocyanins,it is a good source of antioxidant.So,it is beneficial for our health.
* It might prevent prostate cancer or slow its growth.
* It reduces the risk of breast and skin cancer.It also fights against other forms of cancer.
* It delays the development of tumors.
* Long-term consumption of pomegranate juice may help combat erectile dysfunction.
* It is an excellent agent for promoting blood flow to the heart.
* It works as a blood thinner.
* It reduces the plaque in the arteries.
* It balances the cholesterol level in the body.
* It prevents heart disease and reduces the risk of heart attacks.
* It is recommended by dieticians in diet and exercise programs.
* It acts as an inhibitor on enzymes responsible for damaging cartilage.
* It is a diuretic.
* It reduces the systolic blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

Let's drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily for a healthy life.

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